"On The Shape of the Island, Carlin Tripp has taken his experiences of life, love, and becoming a first-time father, and crafted a handful of songs which translate on a personal, one-on-one level in the intimacy of live performance. It's in the way he tells the stories, and in the genuine sincerity of the delivery of the songs." - Davey O, Singer-Songwriter, Host of The Nickel City Sessions

"Carlin Tripp is an extremely talented young musician with a unique song that is a blend of folk and rock. His music entertains and tells stories. Saw him perform at the Pourhouse in Trumansburg NY last summer and found myself never before so moved by a songwriters music and talent. Couldn't wait for his music to start appearing and so far am completely satisfied with the results. I truly believe this is the work of an up and coming star!!” - Thatch Masterson, iTunes Review

"Carlin has kind of a Guster, Dispatch, summertime acoustic guitar vibe to his music and it was a really great opening for what would be a fantastic evening of music the eve of the first day of summer. Great guitar playing and a soft and sensitive vibe to his voice." - Red Line Roots

"Singer-songwriter Carlin Tripp has been making a name for himself in the local music scene of New England. He recently released his major debut album Back to the Soil on PB and Jay Records which was the result of about two-and-a-half year’s worth of work and about eight months of songwriting. The songs on this album were inspired by Tripp’s travels across the country where he spent the majority of his time playing the acoustic guitar and writing songs. When he eventually recorded the album, each track was produced to the tone of the acoustic guitar, creating a vibe in the vein of Neil Young or Tom Petty’s Americana rock and roll albums." - Limelight Magazine

Featured Home Grown Artist - 92.5 The River

Nominated for Breakthrough Artist of the Year 2014 - Limelight Magazine

Nominated for Album of the Year and Male Performer of the Year 2015 - Limelight Magazine


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